Neon Genesis Evangelion

At the turn of the millennium the inhabitants of Earth are nearly completely wiped out by a mysterious supposed meteorite strike on Antarctica. Roughly half the population dies as a direct result of the strike, and the rest are left to struggle for survival amidst the rising savage seas due to melting of the polar ice caps.

Now the year is 2015. As the remnants of the human race cower in subterranean cities, a deadly war is being waged for what is left of the planet, and for what lies there within. On one side are the mysterious alien beings known only as the Angels, on the other, the special agency NERV and mankind's last hope for survival; the awe-inspiring Evangelions.

Yet amongst the ongoing devastation, few weary individuals at NERV struggle to uncover and piece together the agency's long buried secrets and hidden agendas along with the mysteries surrounding the arrival of the Angels. Why was the Earth struck fifteen years ago? A mere simple unfortunate act of nature, or perhaps an act of vengeance instigated by beings more powerful than man. Why did NERV classify the Angel responsible for the first attack on Tokyo-3 as the third, not the first? And just why are the only qualified Eva pilots that of children born exactly nine months after the second impact that massacred over half the human race?

The return of GAINAX

Despite a four year exile from the world of Anime, the crew at studio GAINAX, creators of the acclaimed Gunbuster series, made their explosive much welcomed return to the realm of Anime with this hit 26 episode long TV series. Such was the success of the series that two re-edits of the final two episodes were also released; 'Death and Rebirth' and 'End of Evangelion', along with the spin-off Manga.

All 26 episodes from the series can be purchased from the distributor A.D. Vision, both in the USA and the UK, directly. All episodes are currently on release in both dubbed and subtitled formats.

Last updated: 23/02/2004