Guide author: Liam Young

Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion was the second Anime web site I've ever produced, and as it happens probably my most popular too, though this is more than likely due to the popularity of the actual series itself. I first posted the site up on the net during the summer of 1999, though it has since radically changed over the years. In early 2002, Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion was discontinued as a site in its own right and as such was incorporated into Guide To... as one of the site's most popular guides.

As it stands the guide is roughly 98% complete. The guide's gallery could do with an overhaul at some point and the NERV section needs a few tweaks. If you do decide to check out this guide hopefully you'll find it a good source of in-depth information, as well as being good for several hours reading.

Last updated: 24/09/2005